How to Make Clay Earrings (Polymer Clay Jewelry Ideas)

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Total Time: 60 minutes


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How to Make Clay Earrings (Polymer Clay Jewelry Ideas)


· polymer clay in the colors of your choice· rolling pin· knife or clay cutter· jewelry pliers· earring posts and backs (I used gold)· jewelry jump rings with open connectors (I also used gold for these)· optional small circular cookie or clay cutters· super glue· cutting surface· parchment paper· baking sheet


Step 1Start by preheating your oven to 225º and lining a baking sheet with parchment paper. Create your clay shapes using one of the clay techniques I shared on this blog post.Step 2For any earrings that you'll be using jump rings for, this would be the time to create the holes needed... To do that, take one of the earring posts, and use the sharp end to gently create holes at the top of each shape (and the bottom if applicable).Step 3This is where you will connect them together later. The earring post alone may not make a large enough hole for the jump rings, so wiggle it around a bit to enlarge the piercing a little.Step 4Then, for all earring shapes, place on a baking sheet and bake for approximately 10-12 minutes. Make sure the clay is completely flat, otherwise you'll run into problems when you add your earring posts.Step 5And if your oven tends to run hot, keep a very close eye on them, or they might burn. Trust me, I ruined a whole batch because my oven was too hot and I left them in too long!Step 6Remove the earrings from the oven and let them cool. It's okay if they feel a tiny bit gummy while still hot, just as long as they hold their shape when you pick them up.Step 7For adding posts to earring shapes... Put a dab of super glue at the top and add your earring post. Hold firmly for about 30 seconds to make sure it completely adheres.Step 8For adding jump rings... Use your pliers to thread a jump ring into the small circular pieces, and then into the hole or holes you created for the clay shapes. Make sure you close off the opening so the earring doesn't come apart while wearing.Step 9Take it Further... There are lots of additional things you can do to add to your earrings. Like adding tassels with embroidery floss, using hoops instead of posts, creating more organic shapes, marbling bright colors together, etc, etc.