Instant Pot Brisket

Total Time: 100 minutes

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 90 minutes

Servings: 8

Price per serving: $7.31

Author: Leigh Anne Wilkes


Instant Pot Brisket


· 4 lbs. beef brisket, trimmed· 2 Tbsp olive oil· 4 tsp garlic, minced· 1 cup beef broth· 3 Tbsp brown sugar· 1 Tbsp paprika· 1 Tbsp chili powder· 2 tsp garlic powder· 2 tsp onion powder· 1 tsp oregano· 2 tsp salt· 1 tsp mustard· 1 tsp cumin


Step 1Mix rub ingredients together.Step 2Add oil and garlic to Instant Pot and saute using the saute setting for 2-3 minutes.Step 3Rub brisket on both sides with rub mixture.  Cut brisket in half so it lays flat in the Instant Pot.Step 4Pour beef broth into the Instant Pot, around the meat so you don't wash off the rub.Step 5Put on the lid and cook on meat/stew setting for 90 minutes.  Do a 10 minute natural release and then a quick release.Step 6Remove meat and place on a cutting board.  Slice meat going against the grain.Step 7Add BBQ Sauce and serve.