Backyard Flank Steak Teriyaki

Total Time: 20 minutes

Servings: 6

Author: Jeff Gordinier


Backyard Flank Steak Teriyaki


· 1 cup vegetable oil· 1/3 cup soy sauce· 1/3 cup brown sugar· 1 garlic clove· 1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger· 1/2 teaspoon pepper· 1 flank steak, about 1 1/2 pounds


Step 1Whisk together the oil, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger and pepper in a large bowl. With the tip of a knife, lightly score the surface of the steak in a crisscross pattern. Immerse the steak in the marinade and refrigerate for several hours, turning it over now and then.Step 2Prepare a grill. When it is hot, place the steak on the grill, shaking off excess marinade first. Cook roughly 4 minutes on each side for medium rare. Let the steak rest for a few minutes, then slice it thinly, on the diagonal.