Best lunch recipes from across the web

30 minutes

sloppy joes

1 hours, 15 minutes

lentil soup

1 hours, 28 minutes

teriyaki chicken thighs

1 hours, 25 minutes

three bean and beef chili

2 hours, 5 minutes

lentil vegetable soup

30 minutes

shrimp salad

15 minutes

honey glazed carrots

4 hours, 28 minutes

kalbi (korean barbequed beef short ribs)


deep dish quiche with garnishes recipe |


spicy egg sandwich with sausage and pickled peppers recipe |

sheet-pan potato hash with fixins recipe |

sweet corn frittata with cherry tomato compote recipe |

tomato galette recipe |

breakfast grilled cheese with soft scrambled eggs recipe |

torshi tareh (persian sour herb stew with marbled eggs) recipe |

fried egg on toast with salted herb butter and radishes recipe |

egg and merguez wraps recipe |

70 minutes

eggplant lasagna

spiced lamb and dill yogurt pasta recipe |

13 minutes

bowtie pasta

flatbread pizzas with olives, feta and artichokes recipe |

kefi lamb gyro recipe |

40 minutes

shrimp and grits

20 minutes

creamy chicken fajitas

6 hours, 35 minutes

grilled pork tenderloin

15 minutes

quick pickles

5 minutes

how to microwave a sweet potato



40 minutes

israeli spice chicken

35 minutes

chicken with fried cauliflower rice

80 minutes

ground beef cabbage stew

one-pot enchilada rice recipe by tasty






1 hours, 10 minutes

roasted tomato soup

1 hours, 10 minutes

greek-style stuffed peppers


our favorite french onion soup recipe |

cheese and potato pasty



smoked cheese and onion pasties



wagamama chicken katsu curry

1 hours, 40 minutes

tomato and chilli jacket potatoes

26 minutes

spaghetti with oil and garlic (aglio e olio)