Best eggs recipes from across the web

pumpkin bread recipe

pumpkin french toast casserole

pumpkin pie pancakes

ham and cheddar lunch box muffins

3 hours

claudia roden’s orange and almond cake

20 minutes

quick egg & potato scramble

1 hours, 5 minutes

lasagna roll-ups

the easiest cheese and vegetable frittata

1 hours

croque-monsieur breakfast casserole

15 minutes

japanese omelette with miso mayo

25 minutes

peanut butter cookies

how to make crêpes

50 minutes

shakshuka with feta

15 minutes

dishoom's chilli cheese toast

1 hours, 30 minutes

handmade lasagna sheets

40 minutes

breakfast burritos

15 minutes

classic chinese tomato egg stir fry 番茄炒蛋

how to make banana bread

15 minutes

hard-not-boiled eggs: reloaded

20 minutes

cobb egg salad

brown butter, plum and almond skillet cake

130 minutes

thịt kho - vietnamese braised pork with eggs

egg drop soup

smashed egg toasts with herby lemon yogurt

30 minutes

hash brown egg nests

25 minutes

kimchi and shrimp fried rice

1 hours, 30 minutes

cinnamon apple sheet cake

spinach and feta frittata

50 minutes

impossible quiche



how to make the absolute easiest crustless quiche

1 hours

ground-beef pie

how to hard-boil eggs

40 minutes

spanish tortilla

how to make a dutch baby pancake

10 minutes

gennaro's classic spaghetti carbonara

20 minutes

spaghetti with fried eggs

90-second keto bread

25 minutes

green eggs 'n' steak for two

20175 minutes

aged eggnog

30 minutes

greens and garlic frittata to go