Best low sodium recipes from across the web

20 minutes

oven-baked salmon

2 hours, 5 minutes

lemony yogurt pound cake

35 minutes

healthy curried spaghetti squash

50 minutes

roasted brussels sprouts

35 minutes

pork tenderloin with seasoned rub

40 minutes

salmon baked in foil

17 minutes

green beans with lemon and garlic

25 minutes

healthy cauliflower rice

40 minutes

chia seed pudding

8 hours, 15 minutes

marinated chicken breasts

23 minutes

blueberry compote

55 minutes

angel food cake

5 hours, 36 minutes

slow-cooker pork tacos

5 minutes

mixed berries and banana smoothie (and smoothie bowl)

35 minutes

cinnamon baked doughnuts

1 hours, 25 minutes
15 minutes

honey glazed carrots

apple honey challah pull-apart bread

stovetop tuna orzo casserole with broccoli

chicken & broccoli alfredo

how to make a fruit shrub syrup

diabetes foodhub

30 minutes

lemon curd

how to cook barley

slow cooker lentil and mushroom bolognese

apple cider-glazed chicken thighs

2 minutes

cucumber, melon and watermelon salad

20 minutes

tomato, cucumber and corn salad

1 hours

roasted potatoes, carrots, parsnips and brussels sprouts

one-pot creamy pumpkin pasta

2 minutes

papaya-banana smoothie

25 minutes

fresh fruit platter

30 minutes

fresh strawberry milkshakes

how to make no-knead bread

how to make no-churn ice cream

2 hours, 5 minutes

apple crumble

how to make a basic vinaigrette

how to make crêpes

rob roy cocktail

10 minutes

chipotle gazpacho