Best fall recipes from across the web

1 hours, 30 minutes
30 minutes

marinated venison steaks

2 hours
50 minutes

roasted brussels sprouts

35 minutes
1 hours, 30 minutes

pumpkin bread

1 hours, 10 minutes

apple-pear galette with apple cider caramel

1 hours, 30 minutes

foolproof tarte tatin

1 hours, 30 minutes

blueberry streusel loaf cake

4 hours

cranberry crumb cake

1 hours

alice waters’s cranberry upside-down cake

40 minutes

spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil sauce

2 hours, 30 minutes

old-fashioned beef stew

butternut squash and chorizo hash recipe |


sheet-pan cider-ricotta pancakes with pear compote recipe |

steel-cut oats with squash and tahini recipe |

butternut squash, coconut, and ginger muffins recipe |

55 minutes

apple cider whoopie pies

20 minutes

somen noodles with poached egg, bok choy and mushrooms

2 hours, 30 minutes

apple cranberry slab pie

45 minutes

baked ziti with squash & mushrooms


apple curd recipe |


spicy tomato soup recipe |

25 minutes

seared scallops with jammy cherry tomatoes

1 hours, 15 minutes

portobello mushrooms stuffed with barley risotto




homemade cornbread stuffing


ribollita – tuscan white bean soup

25 minutes

hashed brussels sprouts with lemon

45 minutes

smooth and silky cauliflower purée recipe

1 hours, 20 minutes

classic baked lasagna bolognese (lasagne alla bolognese) recipe

1 hours, 30 minutes

pressure cooker beef and vegetable stew recipe

20 minutes

hot apple cider donut mocktail


braised chicken legs with grapes and fennel recipe |

2 hours

roasted pumpkin soup with brown butter and thyme recipe

6 hours

pure and simple slow-cooked boston baked beans recipe

20 minutes

crisp gnocchi with brussels sprouts and brown butter

45 minutes

best lentil soup

apple cider-glazed chicken thighs

25 minutes

healthy breakfast ideas: veggie breakfast tacos

25 minutes

creamy mushroom gravy